How Much Does A Planning Permission Application Cost

How Much Does A Planning Permission Application Cost?

The cost of submitting a planning permission application varies across the UK but is currently £462 for a full application for a new single dwelling in England. The maximum cost is £9,250 for a development that is not exempt but only applies after April 2020 because these applications have an 18-month time limit.

In practice, you will get a better deal if you buy property in London and then move to Merseyside, for example, where planning charges are significantly lower. However, for a local authority application, you may find your costs are higher.

Suppose you have multiple properties or live in a particularly expensive area. In that case, planning charges are calculated on a ‘per capita’ basis and increases with the size of your property portfolio – hence this increase will not be reflected in your final planning bill.

Is A House Worth More With Planning Permission?

Houses can be turned into luxury apartments through planning permissions, while developers can transform empty lots into thriving residential neighborhoods just by asking the right questions.

House values rise when planned units get built, so it’s worth asking the right questions before selling off parts of your property for development.

That is required to make your home a viable building opportunity and explain how this type of permission can bring value to your property, increase property taxes, reduce traffic and improve neighborhood life.

Will Getting Planning Permission Help Me Sell My House?

Unfortunately yes. Permission is normally considered an important part of completing the build process and giving architects time to plan rooms and constructions. Once architects have established a general plan on what they plan to build, you will need to obtain planning permission for any changes that may impact this plan.

It is a common misconception that having planning permission will promote your property value. While having this may bring positive publicity to your property in the short term, it can negatively affect the longer term.

The buyer will request planning permissions for many reasons. It may be about the inspection of your home: roof, windows, building works, etc., or it may be as part of the planning process itself.

How Do You Get Planning Permission?

Most planning proposals require the submission of two maps as supporting documents: a place plan that depicts the site and its surroundings and a site plan that depicts the planned development in greater detail. Both can be purchased online from one of the Planning Portal’s authorized vendors.

Whether you apply for planning permission directly or through an agent, many people find the process difficult and frustrating. That’s a big increase from the previous ten years when just 82 percent of planning proposals were accepted.

You will not be violating the laws if you build without planning permission. If there is a zoning violation, you will be required to file a retrospective application.

Should I Apply For Planning Permission Before Selling My House?

Having planning approval will boost the value of your house and speed up the sale process. However, the submission process is lengthy and expensive. If you buy a big plot of property, it’s certainly worth applying; but, if you own a listed building or live in a dense area, you’re likely to see less of a bonus.

Following the receipt of planning consent, several vendors announce a rise in sale price. Although it does not necessarily include large sums of money – a 10% rise in valuation, while possible, maybe ambitious – this may not mean it isn’t worthwhile.

Is it possible to apply for planning permission before purchasing a home? Yes, really. To make an application, you do not need to be the owner of the land.